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Debt relief isn’t the only option. However, working with us is an excellent way to pay off your debt in less time with the most savings.

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Susan came to us with overwhelming debt and in need of relief. Here's how we stack up against other common debt relief options.

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Susan Smith

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Starting debt $30,000

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Debt Consolidation

*Based off 48 month term, 10% APR
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*Based off 18% APR
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Phaedra V

I had a few maxed credit cards with high interest, which became impossible to keep up with since the pandemic started. Conor has settled with 2 creditors so far, down to half or a little less than half of what I originally owed. He gets right back to me with any questions or concerns, and he and everyone I've spoken to has been very polite. I highly recommend this company to help you with your debt.

Gloria Harris

I worked directly with Conor Cousin. I have been struggling with High interest credit card debt since the pandemic hit and it was becoming hard for me to get any headway. Conor was able to show me a process to make me debt free once and for all. Highly recommend working with Citizens. Responsive and quick to respond all my questions and concerns.

Jerry Ausherman

We've worked directly with Thomas Fischer and he's been great! We got involved in real estate investing through a company and after a while found out that quite a few of the things we were taught were either not true or were unethical. We paid a large sum of money to get all these credit cards to use for doing business and paying for our training. It didn't work out and now we are seeking to avoid bankruptcy by paying back what we can. Thomas has helped us immensely with his guidance and understanding.

Michael Black

I worked with Ernest Smajlaj at Citizens Debt Relief to help pay off $27,541 in credit card debt. He was very pleasant to work with and answered all my concerns.


I have dealt with Tom Fischer from day one he has been so helpful. Ive been with them less than a year and they have been amazing. They are on the ball very efficient. Tom has been a blessing with his help and encouragement . I am beyond pleased with the way they have helped me and how quickly they have obtained settlements Tom is so helpful and truly cares about his clients.  It shows in his responses and his words of encouragement. Thank you Tom you are very much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Gods blessings to you and the company.

Perry Felton

Citizens Debt Relief has been so helpful! Alexander Faulk is so informative and always gets back with me, and the company has given me so much reassurance to get all my credit cards and loans taken care of. We are 4 months in and two of my accounts are already taken care of! Thank you CDR!!!

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some common questions about credit card debt and our role as a debt resolution company.

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Am I a good fit for debt resolution?

The ideal candidate for debt resolution is someone who is experiencing financial hardship that makes it difficult to make payments on their credit card debts. He or she is making minimum or low payments on their cards and sees little improvement in terms of reducing the total amount owed. The ideal candidate is looking to reduce their monthly payments and pay off their debts within a timeframe of 2-4 years as opposed to the decades that it will take by continuing to make monthly payments.

How long will it take to resolve all of my debts?

The time required to complete our debt resolution program will vary based upon how much money you owe and how much you will be able to pay each month to build up the savings required to resolve your debts. Our specialists will work with you to determine the program length that is best suited to get you out of debt quickly while not adding any unnecessary burdens to your current financial situation. Our clients can expect to finish the program somewhere between 2 and 4 years.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We understand that you entered the program due to a difficult financial situation. These things take time to improve. However, we want you to be aware that making scheduled payments is critical to your success in your program. The faster you can accumulate savings in your account, the quicker we are able to reach agreements for reduced pay-off amounts on your behalf. Simply put, making your monthly payment is the most important factor in paying off your debts and regaining control of your finances.

When can I expect to start seeing my debts paid off?

Once you have accumulated a sufficient amount in your program account we will begin negotiating settlements with your creditors. Depending on how much you owe for each of your debts, the timeframe for reaching agreements will vary. Typically, clients can usually expect their first settlement somewhere between the 4th and 7th month in the program.

Will I be able to use my credit cards?

No, your enrolled cards will be rendered inactive. We do recommend, however, that you set aside one card to be used for any emergency situations that might arise. This card ideally should have an available balance.